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I have an art degree from Rhode Island school of Design. My visual arts background has expanded into the healing and transformational arts. I am a life/spiritual coach and wellness consultant. I have walked the shaman's path. I practice and teach Eastern and Energy Medicine, Shiatsu, Massage and Yoga. It is my experience that the power of touch and movement can access ones heart, soul, inner truth, unique expression and creativity which is a vehicle to living a joyful and fulfilling life. My blog will include my poetry, photographs, art, insights, experiences and suggestions for living a life that you love! If you are new to this site, please review my older submissions as well as the new ones for they all contain information and concepts that I wish to share and keep alive.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Day and night,
Shadow and light
Ego versus spirit taking flight.

Deeply grounded to the Earth,
Nature, nurture giving birth.

Looking upwards towards the sky,
Up towards heaven way up high.

The compliments of yang and yin,
the duality of connection between everything and everyone akin.

Energy and matter both concrete and real.
One esoteric the other you can both see and tactilely feel.

Harmony, peace and balance is found,
When you can look inside and out, up, down and

All directions are equaly important to inspire the heart.
Becoming one with humanity and god, not separate and apart.

To acknowledge the validity of all that exists.
From infinite to fragile, temporary to timeless.
Births journey towards death.
All intimately connected by duality and breath.

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