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I have an art degree from Rhode Island school of Design. My visual arts background has expanded into the healing and transformational arts. I am a life/spiritual coach and wellness consultant. I have walked the shaman's path. I practice and teach Eastern and Energy Medicine, Shiatsu, Massage and Yoga. It is my experience that the power of touch and movement can access ones heart, soul, inner truth, unique expression and creativity which is a vehicle to living a joyful and fulfilling life. My blog will include my poetry, photographs, art, insights, experiences and suggestions for living a life that you love! If you are new to this site, please review my older submissions as well as the new ones for they all contain information and concepts that I wish to share and keep alive.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Embrace Celebration!

From the beginning of civilization people of every culture and tradition have organized celebrations of special occasions and to mark important religious dates. Traditionally, most spiritual celebrations embody a common association with the universal light of the soul and the opening of the heart with the lighting of candles. What most people have lost sight of is that historically the purpose of lighting candles was to cleanse, represent purity, illuminate the truth, bring clarity and dispel outer darkness or negativity thus deepening the connection between the heart, mind and spirit.

When you pray, chant or sing in candlelight, the sound vibration of prayer, comes from the deep silence of the light within us. It vibrates with the candlelight and becomes a part of it. Wherever the unified sound and candlelight travel, inside and outside the body, they create waves of positivity that melt away shadows of grief, doubt, and aversion from the light of the soul. When people gather in celebration the group energy allows a new opportunity to transform the negativity and the stress of life into bliss, vitality and enthusiasm. Despair and fear can turn into hope. Isn’t that the essence behind the birth of Christ and his life teachings as well as many other religious ceremonies? It is certainly needed in these challenging times. So embrace celebration and light a candle. Use it to metaphorically melt away any differences in your relationships and unite for the common cause of peace and harmony. Celebrate unconditionally sharing love, food, prayers and your personal gifts so you can enhance the experience of the divine light within.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Tools To Choose Peace Over Stress

Take A Walk Out In Nature
Stress is related to change, and the rate of change going on in the world right now is mind-boggling. Technology is constantly shifting, the economy is unstable, many people are unemployed and our sense of security has weakened. This is causing global stress that affects us all.

Stress effects health as it may lead to over stimulation of the nervous and immune systems leading to physical and emotional problems and mental burnout. In these times of uncertainty we need, more then ever, to learn how to focus on practices that diffuse accumulated tension.

Finding the Path to Peace
Make space and time for yourself each day. Take a walk in nature. Dance to your favorite music. Express yourself creatively. There are endless tools to release stress but you must be aware of and identify the tools that work for you. Start by making a list of your personal priorities and individual wants and needs. If you are engulfed by external distractions in life you may be totally out of touch with this and may find this process challenging. Closing your eyes during this process helps to block out external distractions. Put one hand over your heart (Helps focus energy into the heart and release the analytical mind) and the other over your abdomen. (Centers and connects to the core) Ask yourself what is needed for your highest good in different categories of life. Try to feel the answer coming from your body not your mind. The mind gets caught up in what you think you should and have to do, which leads to stress and fatigue. Record your answers as they become more tangible if written down. Here are some examples to get you started:

What is the highest good for your physical body? (Do you need more exercise, rest, or a change in diet?)

What is wanted and needed emotionally? (Do you need support, alone time, love, friendship, romance, or fun?)

What do you need to expand your mind/consciousness? (Meditation, appreciation, reading, writing, research, , yoga?)

What do you need to balance yourself energetically? (Do you need time to relax, time management, a vacation or bodywork treatment?)

What would feed and nurture your spiritually? (A connection to nature, a religious group or spiritual community, participating in activities that open your heart and soul?)

Some answers may come easier then others. Some answers may surprise you. If you are having trouble doing these exercises you may need someone to facilitate this process for you.

Once you have your answers you can start working on fulfilling your wants and needs and attract things that inspire you. This new awareness enables you to make different choices around what you’re going to do and how you live your life.

Focus On Breathing And Movement

One of the easiest and most fundamental ways to center and relax is to focus on the breath. When you’re stressed, your breathing becomes shallow. When you breathe deeply, it increases the oxygen level in your body. It facilitates a state of relaxation and peace yet allows you to feel more energized as well. Breathing is like rebooting a computer. One practical aspect of breathing techniques is that they can be practiced anywhere and can be used to prevent or in direct response to a stressful situation.

The combination of breath with movement is a powerful antidote to stress. Breathing and movement is a very profound way of coming into the space of being present in the moment. It also has a direct effect on the tissues, helping to remove toxins, increase flexibility of both the body and the mind, balance energy flow, and bring clarity of thought.

Relaxing In Restorative Yoga Class

Mindful practices such as yoga, qigong, and healing touch (Massage, bodywork or energy balancing) reduce stress by balancing the nervous system and helping you to gracefully adjust to changing circumstances in life. It is resistance to change that makes life difficult. As you peel away the stress of the past, increase body awareness and develop a new relationship with yourself it helps you to accept life just as it is. You begin to experience peace. You start to identify when there is an imbalance in the body and take action to correct it.

Bodywork and massage can help you to manage stress by bringing the body back to its natural rhythm. The health benefits are profound. The transformational techniques that I practice and teach balance energy, release muscular & mental tension, unwind restrictions in the fascia, cultivates mental focus & clarity, transforms emotional issues and nurtures spiritual awareness. The improved circulation, increases nutrients and oxygen to the cells, bones, muscle tissues, and organs, and helps remove waste products. The session sets your self-healing wisdom in motion and the benefits are extended way beyond the session.

Nourishing the Body. Diet is another important aspect of managing stress. Stress is a signal for the body to fortify itself. But many people reach for the wrong things, such as sugar, snacks and processed food, which actually support stress instead of reducing it. Be mindful of what you eat. Don’t use food as a way to run away or escape from stressful issues.

Eating natural whole-foods, a diet including vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, healthy oils, fish, naturally raised meat, and poultry provides the nutrients, fiber, and energy that maintain digestive integrity and provide the ‘stress-defending’ substances we need.

Let your approach to stress reduction embrace the art of nourishment and self-care in every aspect of life. This is an art that is specific to each unique individual. We all have a genetic potential and lifestyle factors that impact our adaptive stress response. Therefore each person’s “stress-less portfolio” will look different. What is important is to commit to improving your life in some way; be conscious of breathing deeply as you go through your day, a daily 15-minute walk, writing down your stress in a journal to release it before bed, begin a yoga or exercise program, get bodywork monthly and increasing your vegetable intake are all suggestions you can take to continue the journey toward stress-free living. 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Energy of Willpower, Satisfaction and Cravings

Willpower is one of the characteristics of the water element of Eastern Medicine and is connected to the energy of the kidneys and adrenals. If you are fatigued and the adrenals are low it is common to desire sweets and coffee. It is harder to be self-disciplined when your energy is off balance. Yet that is when you need the strength and resolve the most to help in the healing process.

Satisfaction is one of the characteristics of the earth element, which is connected to the energy of the stomach and spleen. This includes eating, digestion and the human need to feel supported and connected to family and friends. Holidays magnify this energy as we strive to connect. There are family and cultural traditions around food and parties that may be challenging. If you are on a restricted diet such as a weight loss, gluten free, diabetic or candida diet, feeling satisfied and having willpower can be exceptionally hard during social gatherings. Food is natural part of sharing and connecting to others and we all like the freedom to participate fully.

When you feel denied of something that you crave the mind becomes even more attached. This is why it is important to be prepared so you can feed your cravings with healthy and satisfying food and company.  if you have restrictions in your diet, it is a good practice to inform others so they understand why you may turn down certain foods that are offered. Also request support from those around you in this process. You may need to eat before a party or make sure that you bring along some satisfying foods that you can enjoy and share. Use a gathering as an opportunity to educate others.

If you wind up eating something that you should not have, forgive yourself for not being perfect, renew your commitment to a healthy lifestyle and recognize that changing habits and educating others towards healthier eating is a learning process.

Unfortunately, there is no "cure" for temptation and food cravings. So be gentle with yourself. Much of a healthy lifestyle is about your connection to your emotions and intellect in addition to eliminating unhealthy eating habits.  Indulgence is a normal part of our humanity. The eastern mindset around balance is that you should occasionally treat yourself to something special. Take time to savor and enjoy it fully without guilt. This creates good fire energy and feeds the heart and the spirit.

Listen to your body; trust your intuition when it comes to food or other things you desire. Let your body give you feedback and pay attention to how you feel. Learn something new about yourself through your experiences and then get back on track to what you are committed to in life and in health.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Choose vs. Decide

Do you know the difference between to “choose” or to “decide”? Becoming clear on this distinction helps to bring clarity to my life and has been successful in helping many of my clients do the same. This is a concept from the eastern philosophy of life.

Lets look at the difference in the definitions of these two words to start.
Decision – To come to a resolution in the mind as a result of consideration, a determination, to make up ones mind. The Latin root of the word actually means to cut or kill off (De-off, cide-to cut) and is related to the words homicide, genocide and spermicide. That certainly gives you a new relationship with the word and something to think about! There is nothing wrong with making a decision. It is part of our human existence. Just be aware that when you are making one it is coming from the analytical mind. It is connected in part to the ego and attachment. You may not be grounded in a decision and may or may not regret making it. A decision may cut off possibilities in life. Now that you have this knowledge be aware of it.

Choice – the ability to select from a number of possibilities, to want or desire. To choose is an action that comes from the heart and the inner wisdom of the body. You feel it and know that it is right for you rather then think it and wonder. It has a different energy surrounding it then a decision. You are more grounded in a choice and do not regret that you have made it. There is a sense of commitment without attachment.

Next time you have a situation ask yourself if you are making a decision or a choice?” See if this distinction helps to bring clarity into your life.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Are You Open-Minded?

Assemblage by Joshua Waffleman
Are you open-minded? Open-minded is a state of being, were you show no prejudice or bias towards people, events and things that are different from the norm. You have the ability to be flexible and tolerant. To discover your state of open-mindedness, or to begin to become more open-minded, you must first honestly observe yourself and your reactions to different situations:

1. Observe your mind and your mental reactions.
2. Next check in and observe your emotional responses.
3. Lastly check in with your opinions and reactions based on learned beliefs, religious viewpoints or spiritual values.

The goal of this process is to begin to notice your unique way of observing and translating your world as you see it. You cannot transform your mind if you do not see how it processes first. There is no right or wrong way of being and thinking. Know that there are many different representations of life depending on circumstances, genetics, education, religion and personality type. Once you have the knowledge of were you personally fit in this equation you have the ability to open up your mind.

The universe is a transparent net, very much like a web. Our minds can wrap around this concept easier now, then our ancestors could, due to the technology of the Internet web that connects us all in an instant. The universe has worked this way since the beginning of time. When you send out an affirmation or prayer with purity of heart and mind it flows on the universal web.

We not only can send but we can also receive information if we are open to it. This is the way I get the information for my blogs. I come up with a concept. Then I say a prayer or meditate on the content. The basic prayer for me is “God help me be of service to myself and others for the higher good and send me information to share. Then I sit down and write. The information flows and is channeled from a higher source. Of course my personal beliefs, experience and knowledge influences how I translate this information.

Yogic and Eastern philosophy believes that both our brain and spine function as an antenna for the mind /consciousness. It works similar to email. Send out your thoughts and then be open to receiving. Watch if different concepts and modes of thinking are coming to you. Expand your viewpoint to include new ideas and you have the opportunity to create a new way of thinking. See the possibilities in juxtaposing diverse thoughts or actions.

You can practice being open-minded by shifting your patterns in life. Try something new. Change the sequence of your day. Eat something your never tasted, Participate in a different activity. Read a book or magazine that you never considered reading before, check out a religious practice or ceremony different then your own. You may be surprised as not only your mind but also your heart expands as you become more open-minded.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Flow Smoothly With The Change In Seasons

 The energy of nature is a powerful force and as human beings we are part of natures ever changing cycles. This is apparent as the seasons transform one into the other. With each passage of seasons we grow one year older and hopefully wiser. The expansive yang energy of both the spring and summer seasons this year was hot, sunny and wonderful and now it is time to transition into the shorter, cooler, yin days of autumn. According to Eastern Medicine we are still in the transition time referred to as dojo season. This represents the last 14 to 21 days of one season transitioning into the first 14 to 21 days of another. This is a time of energetic vulnerability so it is wise to take extra care as your body adjusts to the changing energy of nature.

The change of the seasons has a direct effect on our moods, vitality and health. This fact has been studied and recorded in Eastern Medicine for thousands of years. It is evident in many forms of healing such as the sacred circle and medicine wheel of many native cultures that work with and follow the cycles of the earth. In the past before the onset of modern conveniences we flowed with the seasons more smoothly. Today we often keep up the same pace all year round and totally disregard the wisdom of our changing environment. This can cause stress and disharmony within the body/mind. As you develop an awareness of your interconnection with nature you have an opportunity to create smooth flow in your life.

Autumn is connected to the Metal element in Chinese 5 element theory. This is the theory connected to the ebb and flow of nature within the body that Asian healing techniques such as Shiatsu, Qi-gong and Acupuncture are based. The metal element consists of the energy of the lung and large Intestine. In the lung the energy of heaven (air) joins with the energy of Earth (nutrition) forming energy that is vital to human life. We cannot live with out breath. The lung governs the relationship between the inside and outside of the body and mentally and emotionally represents setting limits and protecting boundaries. The large intestine is the sister to the lung and is in charge of elimination of what is not needed, whether this be physical waste and toxins or letting go of a mindset or emotion which does not serve your higher good.

Fall Harvest at Rosasharn Farm CSA

The energy of autumn is the energy of harvest and completion. It is the time of year when you can sit back and reap the rewards of any effort that was put out in the previous more expansive seasons of spring and summer. Energy starts its yearly journey inward as it sinks into the roots of plants and trees and the leaves begin to fall.

Metal energy is connected to the realm of instinct causing birds to migrate and animals to stock up and build warm nests in preparation for winter or hibernation. It is time to eliminate what is not needed in life. To do a fall cleaning and let go of anything that weighs you down. It is the best time of year to do a body cleanse, as nature will assist you in this process. Harvest, and gather up those things, which are important to you. Complete projects so you can sit back and relax as winter approaches. This is the season to spend quiet, quality time with family and friends. To start eating soups and stews made out of those root vegetables that have been harvested. To get more hours of sleep as the days shorten. If we flow with nature in the fall, the transition to winter, which is the season of restoration, will go much more smoothly.

For many the autumn season brings a sense of loss as the light begins to fade and the air chills. Acknowledge this and take time to nurture yourself. If you overextend yourself in this season it can lead to fatigue and depression in winter. Spiritually it is a time to surrender the human ego to the source and to let go of unhealthy attachments. The inward, yin direction of fall energy promotes intuition. Learn to trust this energy and allow yourself to take the time to follow it. This is the time to slow down and take a deep breath of fresh, crisp autumn air and enjoy!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Creativity & Dreams

Creativity and dreams.

The work of the subconscious set in motion.

Expression of passion interlinked with purpose.

A letting go of the rational mind, which binds and limits.

Realizing that analyzing interrupts instinct and natural flow.

Meditation - a vehicle for stoking the inner fire and cultivating truth.

Awakening the creative spark that lives within us all.

 Each individual footprint unique as the ability to manifest and dream.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Dreams Transformed Into Reality

Painting by George Teshu

As human beings we have the unique ability to be inspired and create. We are in charge of creating our lives one day at a time. Dreams for the future are thoughts, ideas and imaginings that you inspire to create for yourself and others. Your imagined thought process is projected into the future as a goal. One of the laws of the universe is that energy follows intention. If you truly believe in your dream, energy will be set in motion to help manifest it.

You must also be committed and invested on all levels to transform your dreams into reality. Physically you must take action to work towards a goal. You need to set a time-line for accomplishing certain steps and be responsible for follow through. Emotionally you must feel deserving of stepping into the dream that you have created. It takes mental planning, personal energy to move forward and spiritual inspiration to guide you on your journey.

Dream box by Karen Malcolm

If all aspects of your being is involved in the process you are much more likely to succeed. Celebrate each achievement no matter how small. Focus but do not over focus. Find a balance in-between.  Remember you can keep recreating your dreams anew as you take steps forward. Always be open to new possibilities that come your way in the process.


The Universe provides many opportunities to assist us in living a life we love. Often these opportunities pass us by because we are too focused to see them. Be committed but not attached to a specific goal. Tunnel vision does not always serve the higher good. In the shamanic realm of teaching we honor the eagle for giving us the bird’s eye view of life. This is the ability to look at the bigger picture to see all perspectives along with a specific goal. Remember from time to time to take a step back to reassess, fine tune and refocus your dreams. Life and reality is in constant flux so hopes and dreams will also change over time. Once you reach a goal, enjoy, celebrate and continue to recreate more dreams into reality.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Pursuit of Happiness

One of the most common comments that I get from my long term clients and students is that the work we do together brings about an inner awareness that leads to a state of harmony and happiness. Happiness is one of the key ingredients of health. The reason why I call the work that I do transformation healing is that it is a conduit for inner transformation on all levels including the development of true happiness.

Happiness. What does it really mean? It is a way of being, a felt sense that is in harmony and balance with our essential nature. It does not come about by doing or getting. According to eastern mindset, happiness is an overall sense of satisfaction and contentment with life and living, a state of appreciation for all that you have, the understanding that every experience can bring growth and spiritual expansion and inner wealth, a perception of balance and peace, a feeling of being whole and complete within oneself. We have all heard the saying “happiness comes from within” Why is it that our culture does not nurture this? 

It is human nature to be in the pursuit of happiness. We often seek happiness from external sources such as relationships, the acquisition of monetary wealth and power, careers, developing intelligence, externally looking good and successful to others. Material things can make us comfortable, relationships are a vehicle for us to express emotions and connect in different ways to others. Recognition for accomplishments and admiration for how we look can make us feel good and successful but they do not provide long-term happiness. There is nothing wrong with being connected externally; in fact it is an important and necessary part of life. The important thing to be aware of is that it often brings temporary satisfaction by gratify the ego. If you go through life desperately focusing on the results of trying to acquire status and material things along with striving to look good to others to achieve happiness, joy and peacefulness will evade you. 
We have no control over the outside circumstances in life. External situations can often leave one feeling stressed, dissatisfied, disappointed, depressed, victimized and confused. To experience soul-satisfying joy we must look within ourselves. We must break free from the preconceived mindset that our achievements and possessions define us. We must release and let go  of the expectations of others taking a look inward to  find  genuine value. When you have a desire, and it gets fulfilled, there is a period of time when you are content. In that moment, you experience the happiness that is a natural part of your being. But then external stimulus such as the media, including marketing, or opinions and beliefs of others intervene and you shift into a state of lack or want. Happiness fades. If you are not aware of this it can become a never-ending cycle. When you are able to realize and recognize that you experience happiness when you are free from constant desire and fear around being accepted, you can start to create your life differently. You have an opportunity to choose and accept yourself and the Universe as it is. You gain a freedom to flow with life. With awareness you can allow your innate nature to spring forth in the absence of the bonds and demands you and others put on yourself. Part of this process is being in an inquiry around your taught beliefs and values. Do they totally resonate with your consciousness, heart and soul? Keep those values, which are in harmony with who you are and release what does not feel true to your core. Take a hard look within to find your own personal truth.

Personal practices such as yoga, meditation and qigong help to cultivate inner peace and truth. Treatments and transformational healing techniques that address body, mind and spirit release entrenched holding patterns of stress and tension; support inner balance and promote health and happiness. As you become more aware of your heart, mind and body connection it creates a sense of freedom, which allows you to be satisfied with yourself exactly how god made you, perfect, whole and complete It can shift your reality around how you view yourself and the world. The goal is to be able to enjoy being a unique individual without trying to compete with others. Also assisting you in the development of self-acceptance and ability to take pride in the inner gifts that come naturally without trying. The pursuit of happiness is a journey within. It is a journey through life with a destination of peace, health and contentment.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Day and night,
Shadow and light
Ego versus spirit taking flight.

Deeply grounded to the Earth,
Nature, nurture giving birth.

Looking upwards towards the sky,
Up towards heaven way up high.

The compliments of yang and yin,
the duality of connection between everything and everyone akin.

Energy and matter both concrete and real.
One esoteric the other you can both see and tactilely feel.

Harmony, peace and balance is found,
When you can look inside and out, up, down and

All directions are equaly important to inspire the heart.
Becoming one with humanity and god, not separate and apart.

To acknowledge the validity of all that exists.
From infinite to fragile, temporary to timeless.
Births journey towards death.
All intimately connected by duality and breath.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Buddha Nature

I consider myself to be more spiritual in nature then religious. I believe in the foundation of most religions: Love, peace, generosity, honesty and in a higher power from up above. As long as I can remember I have had an infinity for Buddha. I believe that life is a personal journey towards enlightenment. I have always felt comfortable and connected to the concept of God. I experience the energy of Christ as the power to heal, love and transform even when challenged.

When I partner in the sacred dance of bodywork and healing with my clients I know that I am channeling the energy of God. To me this is the healing energy of both Buddha and Christ coming through the universal source. There was a time when I kept this personal "truth" to myself. Then I had my astrological chart read. I was born during a rare lunar eclipse. My chart is a complex web of intersecting points connecting to all the other astrological signs. I was told that the diversity of my chart and the alignment of my stars strongly connected me to both of the healing energies of Christ and Buddha. Wow, now that I had confirmation of why I experienced my connection, it seemed easier to express. Part of my process to connect to my Buddha-Christ nature is to look for the light within. I achieve this through Meditation, Prayer, Yoga / Qigong, convening with nature, Art and Writing. Through these vehicles I am continuously discovering a new relationship with myself and channel techniques to help others through the same process.

Life is a learning experience where you have an opportunity to recreate yourself anew each day. Unfortunately the stresses of life, bad experiences, limited belief systems and a lack of support prevent many from living fully. When you learn to embrace challenge with an open heart and mind and allow yourself to be in a self inquiry around who you are, it is a clearing for rediscovering your inner truth. I strive and coach others around finding the gold (value) in every situation. This is hard to do when you are stuck in the middle of "life not working" but can have very satisfying results if you keep positive and have faith. Very often you can learn much about who you are in the process.
Finding 'Gold" Inner Peace, Truth and Happiness
We have the opportunity to learn more about ourselves each day. One of my personal transformations came when I was questioned by a christian client who noticed that Buddha was visually represented in my office and Christ was not. I do have a lot of angelic representation which to me has christian roots, but her observation was absolutely correct. Christ was not represented and I did not even realize this until she pointed it out. I felt drawn to self reflect and meditate on this. What I came to realize is that most representations of Christ is on the cross in death. I believe in and recognize the death and resurrection yet I still resonate with the life of Christ  as a teacher and healer much more. I experience his energy as the white light of love, purity, healing, truth and spiritual connection which is not a visual thing. During this meditation I realized if there were more images of Christ that resonated with my personal relationship with him, he would be more represented in my environment.

My quest began searching for images that I felt a connection to. I now have a Celtic cross and the "Gift of Spirit" statue on my altar. He is also represented in my "Sacred Space" that I am creating in what used to be my second floor rental apartment. This is the gold that I found after much stress and challenge dealing with tenants. Prayer and meditation pointed me in the direction of using the space for myself and my spiritual development. It has become my personal yoga, meditation and art studio as well as a guest space to share with others. I have faith that God will provide me with the resources to maintain this space without needing the rental income! Through challenge I have grown and recreated my environment as well as myself. I have expanded my connection to life, love, Christ and Spirit. I have embraced my Buddha nature, opened my heart to new creative endeavors and I am grateful that I can share my wisdom with others on their own path to enlightenment.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Garden Within My Soul

With each passage of the seasons, I age.
Each year has nurtured the flowers in the garden within my soul.

Time mirroring nature and the cycles of life.

Parts of my life, like annuals, bloom wonderfully then fade as the seasons change.

Other aspects are like hardy perennials that endure over time.

Returning every season with beauty and grace.
Growing, becoming well established and deeply rooted,
Yet easily transplanted as the garden expands and transforms.

I believe that plants are a reflection of the inner self.

They may be delicate, even fragile
Needing nurturing and tender loving care.

Some may lay dormant, awaiting the day when the proper conditions
Allow for sprouting, growth and full expression.

Others need support from an external source.
A lattice to lean on.

Weeds, like stress, sometimes try to dominant and overshadow the beauty and serenity and need to be tended to.

Some areas of the garden grow wild
While  others are manicured and maintained.

Water, earth, nutrients, compost and sun all help the garden to flourish.

Just as I have been fertilized by love, passion and creativity.  

My life experiences, relationships, and my spiritual journey
have enriched and connected me to the garden within my soul. 


Friday, August 13, 2010

Personal Transformation

I coach others around transforming where they are challenged by life.  I am always striving to practice what I preach. Organizing and getting this blog up is an example of my personal journey towards transformation. 

I set out yesterday to create this blog. This has been on the list of things that I wanted to create for myself and share with others for a while. I have many gifts to share, including my writing, but keeping up with technology and getting it on line is not one of them. I lost my computer consultant (My son Kyle) three years ago to college and became very technologically challenged. Truthfully,  I was always challenged. I managed it by telling my son what I needed and he would miraculously accomplish it for me with grace, skill and ease. He knew that my struggle with the computer was one of my weak links and one of the few things that could upset me and throw me off center.

I started this process yesterday afternoon and after much mindfulness I managed to post my first blog by 3am early this morning. Congratulations to me! There were moments when I thought it would never happen, at least not without help from those gifted with computer ease. My stubborn Taurus nature persisted and would not allow me to give up even though my eyes were red with frustration and steam was streaming out of my bullish nostrils. After all, it is my goal in life to make a global difference and a blog is a good vehicle to do this. It will be a work in progress. I invite you to watch me grow as I master the art of blogging and getting everything that I want to share (Photos, art, poetry, wisdom etc...) on this page. Thank you for joining me on this road to personal transformation!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Art of Mindfulness

We are all unique individuals that have the ability to create our lives. Mindfulness is one of the key ingredients to creating a life that you love. A life were you are happy, healthy, expressed, fulfilled and feel fully alive.
To become more mindful is a practice of awareness. Allow yourself to notice new and different things about yourself and your surroundings. Be open to the mindset that all things happen for a reason and are present for growth and development. When your attitude around experiences shifts, you have an opportunity make a difference in your own life and in turn contribute to the health and balance of others and the planet as a whole.
The first step in becoming more mindful is to make it a practice to look within and acknowledge all that is going on with you on a daily basis. Do this by allowing yourself a few quiet moments each day without distractions. Closing your eyes is essential for inner focus. Allow yourself to journey inside and expand your awareness. Be sure to acknowledge how you feel physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically and spiritually. Sit with these different aspects that make up the essence of who you are and get reacquainted with yourself. Know that this relationship with yourself may change from day to day.  Be in the inquiry of who you are and how you show up in the world with no judgment. We are often out of touch with the details of our own lives. If you need something in your life to shift you must first be mindful of it, as you cannot transform anything that you first do not acknowledge. Being mindful can enrich your life as you become more in touch with all aspects of who you are.

Mindfulness starts within then it expands to all aspects of life. Opening your eyes and seeing as if for the first time, assists you in developing external awareness. Consciously start to observe new things. Tune in to the details of nature and your environment. Notice something different about the people you interact with. Open your mind to a new experience of the world, which will allow you to personally show up more powerfully. As awareness increases, your essential nature, which includes your mind, body and spirit, are stimulated and you end up happier, healthier, and more fulfilled.

Becoming mindful is a journey that can shift your reality and enhance your life. Once you develop this consciousness it continues to grow and show up everywhere, no matter what you’re doing or where you are. One thing that is certain in life is that reality shifts and everything in the world is constantly in a state of fluctuation. If you keep your mind open to the ebb and flow of the ever changing universe and see the learning held within each circumstance, you can transform your health and the way you choose to live.