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I have an art degree from Rhode Island school of Design. My visual arts background has expanded into the healing and transformational arts. I am a life/spiritual coach and wellness consultant. I have walked the shaman's path. I practice and teach Eastern and Energy Medicine, Shiatsu, Massage and Yoga. It is my experience that the power of touch and movement can access ones heart, soul, inner truth, unique expression and creativity which is a vehicle to living a joyful and fulfilling life. My blog will include my poetry, photographs, art, insights, experiences and suggestions for living a life that you love! If you are new to this site, please review my older submissions as well as the new ones for they all contain information and concepts that I wish to share and keep alive.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Art of Mindfulness

We are all unique individuals that have the ability to create our lives. Mindfulness is one of the key ingredients to creating a life that you love. A life were you are happy, healthy, expressed, fulfilled and feel fully alive.
To become more mindful is a practice of awareness. Allow yourself to notice new and different things about yourself and your surroundings. Be open to the mindset that all things happen for a reason and are present for growth and development. When your attitude around experiences shifts, you have an opportunity make a difference in your own life and in turn contribute to the health and balance of others and the planet as a whole.
The first step in becoming more mindful is to make it a practice to look within and acknowledge all that is going on with you on a daily basis. Do this by allowing yourself a few quiet moments each day without distractions. Closing your eyes is essential for inner focus. Allow yourself to journey inside and expand your awareness. Be sure to acknowledge how you feel physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically and spiritually. Sit with these different aspects that make up the essence of who you are and get reacquainted with yourself. Know that this relationship with yourself may change from day to day.  Be in the inquiry of who you are and how you show up in the world with no judgment. We are often out of touch with the details of our own lives. If you need something in your life to shift you must first be mindful of it, as you cannot transform anything that you first do not acknowledge. Being mindful can enrich your life as you become more in touch with all aspects of who you are.

Mindfulness starts within then it expands to all aspects of life. Opening your eyes and seeing as if for the first time, assists you in developing external awareness. Consciously start to observe new things. Tune in to the details of nature and your environment. Notice something different about the people you interact with. Open your mind to a new experience of the world, which will allow you to personally show up more powerfully. As awareness increases, your essential nature, which includes your mind, body and spirit, are stimulated and you end up happier, healthier, and more fulfilled.

Becoming mindful is a journey that can shift your reality and enhance your life. Once you develop this consciousness it continues to grow and show up everywhere, no matter what you’re doing or where you are. One thing that is certain in life is that reality shifts and everything in the world is constantly in a state of fluctuation. If you keep your mind open to the ebb and flow of the ever changing universe and see the learning held within each circumstance, you can transform your health and the way you choose to live.

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