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I have an art degree from Rhode Island school of Design. My visual arts background has expanded into the healing and transformational arts. I am a life/spiritual coach and wellness consultant. I have walked the shaman's path. I practice and teach Eastern and Energy Medicine, Shiatsu, Massage and Yoga. It is my experience that the power of touch and movement can access ones heart, soul, inner truth, unique expression and creativity which is a vehicle to living a joyful and fulfilling life. My blog will include my poetry, photographs, art, insights, experiences and suggestions for living a life that you love! If you are new to this site, please review my older submissions as well as the new ones for they all contain information and concepts that I wish to share and keep alive.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Wabi Sabi

Wabi Sabi is the name used to represent the Japanese “Zen” viewpoint on the acceptance of the transformation of all things, including the flaws within beauty and the wisdom of natural simplicity that shifts over time. The mind set is to find beauty and perfection within imperfection. It honors asymmetry, irregularity, simplicity and the integrity of natural objects and processes as they age as well as the shifts in the human body that take place over a lifetime. It involves the acceptance of the natural cycle of growth, decay, and death.

The concept of Wabi Sabi nurtures all that is authentic. It acknowledges three simple realities: 1) nothing lasts, 2) nothing is finished, and 3) nothing is perfect. What would the world be like if we were self-accepting and honored these simple truths? Instead we struggle with the effects of time and the beauty of the wisdom of age by replacing old objects with new and trying to alter our bodies. The concept of Wabi Sabi encourages us to be respectful of age, both in things and in ourselves. It teaches us to be content with what we have rather than always striving for more. Too many people live in a perpetual state of dissatisfaction, which prevents us from fully living.  Wabi Sabi doesn’t mean settling for less than you deserve and it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work to improve your situation. Instead it’s about balance and contentment rather than striving for the unattainable. It encourages us to accept our own flaws as well as our wisdom and gifts.

The word “Wabi” refers to rustic simplicity, harmony, peace, tranquility, and balance. It can be applied to nature, man-made objects and the human body. It refers to a life style of being humble and satisfied with the simple things in life. It can also refer to quirks and anomalies arising from the process of construction in an object, which adds uniqueness and elegance. It is a concept of seeing value in the many differences in cultures, appearances and lifestyles. 

The word “Sabi” means the beauty or serenity that comes with age or the bloom of time. When the life of an object and its impermanence are evidenced in its patina and wear, or in any visible repairs. It involves the understanding that beauty is fleeting. It is the lines of wisdom that appear on our faces as we age and the ability to do so naturally with dignity and grace.

Understanding Wabi Sabi is seen as the first step to enlightenment or “Satori. It is a way of living life through the senses and finding fascination in differences, instead of fault and judgment. It is a concept of engaging in life as it happens, rather than being caught up in unnecessary thoughts. When you open up to being surrounded by simple, natural, changing, unique objects, people and experiences it is a vehicle to connect to the real world and escape the potentially stressful distractions of everyday life.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Transformation, Healing and Resistance

Genesha: Overcoming Resistance and Life Obstacles
Resistance is a common human response to the process of change. It almost always shows up as a response to something that is forced. You may find yourself in resistance to many different aspects of your life including your lifestyle, relationships, environment and your reaction to work, the opinions and actions of others, exercise, food and health. This includes your own response to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues and may affect your ability to heal. It is often an unconscious response that the mind uses to protect itself from a shift in consciousness that may be perceived as threatening.

Resistance is a contractive form of energy that may show up as anxiety, depression, disease, fatigue, lack of motivation, blame, procrastination, excuses, forgetfulness, confusion, being confrontational and argumentative. What you resist continues to persist. With awareness you can learn how to use resistance as a tool to find inner balance and peace. The key to transformation and healing is to surrender to resistance. If you can anticipate, honor and do the work to rise above resistance, it is an opportunity for your energy to expand and your consciousness to shift. You begin to be open to new possibilities. Expansive energy is happy, hopeful motivated, harmonious and grounded. As you become more aware you begin to catch yourself in your resistance and have the ability to choose a new behavior around it.

One of the most common reasons for resistance is fear. This includes the fear of loss, fear of change, fear of the unknown. Trust is a key component to overcoming resistance as trust helps to overcome fear. From a health standpoint, many people unconsciously identify their illness with who they are. They are unconsciously afraid of what life would be like if they actually felt good. Others are afraid of the illness itself and do not trust that the wisdom of the body has the ability to heal. This causes internal resistance that may impede the healing process. The rational mind makes up reasons for resistance and avoiding change, which supports denial. You cannot transform anything that you do not acknowledge.  Denial and resistance sets you up for an entrenched pattern of imbalance that may lead to disease.  The payoff of being in resistance is that you do not have to take responsibility for yourself, your actions, your life, or your health.

What is most interesting is that when resistance is at its strongest it is also the best catalyst for transformation. It is the last barrier to break through before permanent behavior change takes place. The greater the resistance to an issue is, the more profound the transformation around it can be. Each individual’s lifestyle, belief system and conditioning will determine how threatening a change will be perceived and the amount of resistance is in direct proportion to that perception.

Reality Shift / Letting go of Resistance
When resistance is released it makes energetic space for a reality shift, which can happen due to a new experience that has the potential to radically change a learned belief system. It can also happen around healing when one has the conviction to release resistance concerning an illness. If you can embrace and love whatever is going on in your body as a divine part of yourself and not treat it as an enemy that you must wage war against, you have a much better chance of finding peace with it. Disease is a message from the body that something has gone awry and needs not only medical attention but also loving care. Finding inner peace is a big aspect of healing. Identifying and letting go of those thoughts, actions and things that you resist will assist you in developing a new relationship with yourself, your body, your personal truth, and the spirit that you hold within.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Transformational Healing: Unwinding Cellular Memory & Setting your Spirit Free

Transformational Healing: Unwinding Cellular Memory & Setting your Spirit Free

Unwinding Cellular Memory & Setting your Spirit Free

Are you aware that the body retains physical, mental and emotional trauma and stress in the cells, tissues and organs? The Eastern Medical model works from the standpoint that your state of well-being is equal to the sum of your constitution, genetics and all the experiences and emotions you have felt and processed over your life time. If you do not process emotions and other stressful life events efficiently and do not have the tools to let go and release trauma when it happened, your internal organs can record and absorb the energy, emotion and stress associated with it. This can set off a psychosomatic reaction every time something in life reminds the subconscious of the original stressor. If your system gets overloaded by multiple traumas it can lead to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. (PTSD)

Each organ in the body is connected to a specific emotion and linked together by the energetic matrix of meridians and chakras. The organs react and are affected differently depending on the intensity and duration of stress and what emotions are involved. Depending on your personality type and constitution you may have a vulnerable or weak area.  A physical stress can trigger an emotional issue or emotions can trigger a physical response. Symptoms can vary greatly and can include muscular tension, fatigue, digestive issues, headaches, insomnia, depression, breathing issues and beyond.

Emotional Connections to the 5 Elements / Copyright Nancy Web 2011
The first step to healing is to develop an awareness of the psycho-emotional connection to your body. Knowledge is a vehicle that sets healing in motion and allows you to start consciously letting go. This creates a clearing for transformation of past issues and a more optimum state of well-being.

The power of touch, which assists the balance and movement of energy can help to release cellular stress from the body/mind. One of the goals of eastern and energy healing techniques is to unwind layers of tension so they do not become entrenched within the body causing imbalance and dis-ease. Shiatsu, Acupressure, Craniosacral Therapy and Somatic Emotion Release techniques work to access and let go of layers of cellular stress held in the organs, body tissues and subconscious and prevents new layers from forming. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) allows the mind to let go of the charge around past issues. The past becomes the past as a memory but without the emotional/physical response. The goal is to connect and facilitate healing of the body, mind and spirit.  Being empowered to let go of the past, to have the freedom to stop worrying about the future, to feel great as you enjoy the present and to set your spirit free!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Yoga as a Spiritual Practice

I have been practicing yoga for over 30 years and during that time I have seen many changes in attitude and understanding around it shift. When I began my practice many questioned whether yoga was a religion. As individual experience of yoga grew, people realized that it is a spiritual practice that has nothing to do with organized religion but could enhance individual spirituality no matter what your core beliefs.

Another shift that has taken place is that in the past it was easier to have a group of people commit to their yoga practice over time. As a teacher this made it easier to introduce theory and concepts and deepen knowledge and understanding. One session built upon the other. The energy of the class became a container for spiritual growth. If a new person joined the group the review process would further deepen the spiritual understanding of those who had experienced it already.

Teachers are more challenged today as many people are less committed to long term practice. Each class may contain new people with different experiences. People come sporadically when time allows. Every person has different expectations of what they want to get out of a yoga class and many do not understand that yoga is a spiritual practice at all. 

What seems to be more of an issue teaching at the moment is that many people view Yoga as an element of an exercise program and not a spiritual practice. This may be due to the fact that many gyms are teaching yoga and promoting it as such. Yoga is good exercise but when it is taught in it's totality it is exercise not only for the body, but for the mind, and development of the spirit as well.  I am surprised when students do not know the definition of yoga. When I teach, I start my classes with students breathing in the energy of yoga. The energy of unity, The energy of connecting oneself to the divine source within. I teach that this can be a very personal definition. I hold space for the spirituality of yoga to flow.

I always teach some aspect of Yoga philosophy as part of a guided meditation at the beginning of class. I carry this thread throughout the class to introduce the spiritual aspect into movement, breath and meditation. This is new for many students who have had teachers in the past that have just taught the physical movement and postures on the mat. Most students welcome this aspect and I have feedback from many that this style of learning has deepen their understanding and the spiritual aspects of their practice; the relationship to themselves and the world as a whole. Feedback from other students has been that they want to "Do Yoga" not learn theory. Of course, again this shows the a lack of understanding and different expectations of what yoga truly is.

My goal as a Yoga teacher is to be true to myself, my practice, and my commitment to share the spiritual aspects of Yoga. Those who resonate with this will be attracted to my classes. In the past year I have made a personal commitment as I have renovated my former apartment rental into my private yoga space. This is created as sacred space where I can teach small intimate classes and create a dedicated spiritual community. I see all of my experiences with yoga over the years as food for spiritual growth and maturity. It has served me well and I will continue share my experiences and pay it forward.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Balance Your Energy - Create Your Life!

You have the ability to create your life! We all are born with gifts and a divine “spark” for materialization of spirit. What stops many people from manifesting is some level of energetic imbalance caused by circumstances leading to avoidance. Often there is a belief that there is no choice or a fear of failure. This may cause a person to become stuck in a limited pattern. A safety zone where your potential for living fully and putting yourself out there is never met.

Creating Balance With A Practice
Life happens, and we all react in different ways to different situations depending on personality, constitution, learned beliefs, support system and past learning experiences. No matter what your situation, you can manifest almost anything if your energy is in balance and flowing smoothly. When you are feeling balanced it is easier to plan and take action. There are many practices such as yoga, meditation and qigong that create balance, harmony and inner peace. There are also many treatment modalities such as shiatsu, acupuncture, Thai massage, craniosacral therapy, reiki, polarity, chakra balancing, EFT, conscious breathwork, ect. that can assist you on this journey. It doesn’t matter what you choose as long as it resonates with who you are. If you are comfortable with the process you will get results.

Understanding how energy effects the body/mind

Creating Balance Through Treatment
The energy matrix that gives vitality to the body and creates life has a lot to do with how and why we live the way we do. Energy is connected physically to the adrenals, which act as an internal battery. Lack of sleep, poor diet and stress wears down this energy, which is also connected to the water element and the kidney and bladder meridians. The impetus to move forward in life with out fear and to adapt to different situations comes from these channels of energy. If energy is blocked in either a meridian or chakra it prevents smooth flow of emotions, thoughts, physical and spiritual energy as well. If energy is stagnant very often you feel stuck in life and unable to create. If energy is low or deficient in any area you can be fatigued and lack the impetus to follow through on your desires. Depending on where the imbalance lies, you may not be able to come in touch with what you want and need to move forward and create.

Meridian Lines and Acupoints

The energy of emotion and your connection to love and passion lives in the heart chakra and fire meridians. This includes the ability to connect to yourself and others and find excitement in the spark of life. The small intestine meridian, which is also part of the fire element, helps you to assimilate circumstances and sort out what is optimal for your life and what is best to be eliminated. The large intestine energy takes over and is in charge of eliminating not only physical but also emotional and mental waste.

When you are in touch with your emotions you can use them to put power, which is held in the solar plexus, back into your life. The ability to create comes from the sacral chakra. The expression of creation comes from the throat. Being grounded in what you want for yourself comes from the root chakra, the earth element and the stomach and spleen meridians. This energy helps you to digest the circumstances of life and create transformation. Choosing to do something new and different is the wood energy of the liver and gallbladder meridians. Bringing it to fruition is the energy of lung and large intestine and the metal element. Following your intuition and inner wisdom as you proceed comes from the third eye. Believing in yourself shows the strength of your solar plexus. Listening and knowing you are guided from a higher source comes from the crown chakra. As these different channels of energy start to realign and balance there is a shift in your way of being. This may be subtle and happen slowly over time or it may be dramatic and quick. It depends on how entrenched the imbalance is and what the mind is ready to process.

The people in your life also effect your state of balance. To totally move forward, you may have to avoid those people who are stuck in their own pattern of disharmony. They may not like that you have transformed your issues and are moving forward without them. Misery loves company. Anyone with a victim or defeatist attitude may give you a million reasons for why you cannot accomplish anything. Listening to this mindset and believing it is what holds many people back in life. By moving forward and creating what you want you will be setting a new example for what can “be”. This is an opportunity to inspire others to find balance and create as well.

Be aware and start simply by choosing to create anew one day at a time. Choose to do something different then your norm and follow through. Check in with how you feel and notice any shifts from your behavior in the past. Next step out of your safety zone. Pick something that you have dreamed of doing or admired someone else for doing. This may take some planning. A good first step is to share what you wish to do with others who can support you in the process. Push yourself through any avoidance and notice where it comes from so you know what issues and energy blocks you still need to work on. Focus on the goal, as the reward is freedom, and excitement around achieving and creating a wonderful life and a connection to the divine spark within.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction states, “like attracts like”. When we are talking in the realm of energy this means that an energy vibration will attract and resonate with a similar vibration. Energy follows intention. If you are able to project accurate intentions and thoughts for what you wish to create for yourself in life you will naturally attract it to you.

This is easier said then done, since we all have unconscious programming about value and worth that sabotages what we consciously desire. Your energy footprint consists of all aspects of who you are including your genetic pattern (DNA), past life karma, constitutional personality, and current body, mind and spirit all combined to make up your unique vibration of matter and energy. It is a blue print of every thought, experience, emotion and belief system you have ever had during your lifetime. Your spiritual blue print also carries energy forward that you may be totally unconscious of.

The first step to transforming any entrenched patterns that may be blocking what you desire in life is to look within. You must discover and acknowledge the negative holding patterns and belief systems that may be preventing you from living fully and attracting a life that you love. Cellular memory can be transformed when you become aware of it, acknowledge it, and do the work. It is not as easy as wishing for something and having it suddenly appear. Doing the work may include self-reflective practices such as prayer, meditation, yoga, qigong or other holistic therapies including hypnosis, past life regression, shamanic, body and energy work that uncovers what is unconscious and hidden.

Seek out a qualified professional to assist and support you in this process. There are an infinite number of modalities available to choose from. Use the law of attraction to choose what resonates with you. Take in account both the modality and the practitioner. Some transformational modalities of healing that you can investigate include: Shiatsu, Reiki, Advanced Craniosacral Therapy (Somatic Emotional Release), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Sedona Method, Shamanic Rituals and Energy Balancing. Any modality that works globally to unwind and balance the entire system can support you on your journey.

Learn to trust that the Universe will provide you with what you need if you seek it out and ask, believe and have faith and show you are serious by taking action. Any doubt or denial, blocks the smooth flow of energy coming your way. Be committed to this process but not attached to the outcome since this attitude also blocks the flow of energy. Life is constantly shifting; change is a factor that we can rely on. Invite clarity into your life; open to transformation, release all that does not serve your higher good. Start to resonate with your dreams and may they all come true.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Transition Into Spring!

According to eastern medicine and philosophy spring is the season for growth and new beginnings. Nature reawakens around us and within us. After this long, cold and snowy winter in the Northeast we are truly ready for this transition. 

The eastern word for the energy of transition time between seasons is called “Doyo” It refers to the last couple of weeks of one season into the first couple of weeks of the next. As nature shifts your energy also transitions from the internal, yin energy of winter into the expanding energy of spring. Winter is represented by the water element, the kidney and bladder meridians and the energy of restoration. This energy is transitioning into the wood element, the liver and gallbladder meridians, and the energy of expansion and renewed activity in spring.

If you followed the natural flow of nature and took the time to rest and renew the body and mind and restore the adrenals by getting more rest and sleep during the winter this transition will flow smoothly. If you pushed against the natural flow and didn’t allow yourself to replenish this transition can be more challenging. We are part of nature and not separate from it. If you acknowledge and follow nature’s flow it is easier to remain in balance and health.

According to Chinese medicine, spring is the best time for cleansing and the detoxification of the liver. The liver has the extremely important job of regulating the flow of blood and life force, harmonizing digestion, and with your gallbladder’s help, balancing emotions. The Chinese diet for spring includes eating green foods that detoxify and improve the circulation of the liver. This prepares the body for the heat of summer. The diet includes green leafy vegetables, seaweed, spiralina and anything with chlorophyll. You can also nourish your liver by using sour flavors like lemon and vinegar added to your water or food. This is the best time of year to do a vegetable juice cleanse as well. Dandelion tea can be used to cleanse the liver and help release built-up anger. I suggest that you check in with a practitioner of Chinese medicine, a holistic nutritionist or other qualified practitioner to guide you through a cleanse.

Replenish, flush toxins and support your liver with the following spring soup. Make the soup of any or all of the following ingredients: Swiss chard, cabbage, brussel sprouts,, spinach, collards, mustard greens, kale, watercress, seaweed, fennel, dandelion greens, daikon radish and shitake mushrooms. Add the follow herbs and simmer on low heat for up to 2 hours: ginger, garlic, onions, parsley cilantro, and turmeric. You can add miso or a squeeze of lemon directly into the soup before eating. (Do not cook these ingredients as they loose their healing properties)

Enjoy the change in weather. Embrace the expanding energy and I wish you a smooth flow as you transition into spring.

Monday, February 28, 2011

How is Energy Effected by Technology?

We live in an era of constantly changing electronics. We are surrounded by radio waves.  Just like air pollution there is energy pollution that can effect your health and well being. Our bodies absorb frequencies and very often can be overloaded with vibrational static.

I have been in the personal inquiry around this as I often feel technology steals my time and energy. It is so easy to waste away the hours of time sitting in front of the TV or surfing the internet.  I notice when I use my elliptical machine with the TV on that I go much slower and do not burn as many calories as when I have silence or music on. Listening to different styles of music also affects overall performance. Listening with earphones also slows me down.

Can this also effect our performance in every day life? I know when I personally spend time without much exposure to electronics that I am full of vitality and have endless energy. When I do my seasonal cleanses I also cleanse myself mentally and energetically by not watching TV or by using my computer or phone as little as possible. Each year this is more of a challenge to do as TV, computers, smart phones, and other electronics have become such an integral part of life. 

What about eating in front of the computer or TV? Can this effect metabolism and digestion? According to eastern medicine your focus should be on the process of eating, chewing and savoring your food without distractions for proper digestion and assimilation. I have also noticed that if I check my email or get on the computer before I go to bed that I have trouble falling asleep and get less sleep in general. 

Technology is suppose to save time but it actually takes time. Of course this is all part of the evolution of life. It all gets back to having a sense of balance. To find that balance I suggest leaving time in the day to enjoy the simple things. To experience moments that take your breath away. Get out for a walk and leave your cell phone at home. Take time to connect to nature, and view the natural environment that god has bestowed upon us.  Close your eyes and look within to connect to your personal wisdom and  acknowledge the beauty of who you are. Try to give yourself a break from TV one day a week.  Find peace within silence. Experience the balance between  simple living and the high tech world.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Three Treasures of Eastern Medicine

The eastern mindset on healing is multi-dimentional. The goal is to see the bigger picture of health. To treat the body-mind-spirit as an inseparable  whole. Eastern healing is based on the balancing of energy within the body including the meridians and chakras. The different aspects of energy within us are known as the three treasures; Ki, Jing and Shen.

Ki (Energy)

KI (CHI) is the vital life force that the body derives from air, water, food, movement, sleep and meaningful relationships. It exists throughout the body and contributes to overall well being.

Jing (Vital Essence)

JING is Essence or Power. It represents the core energy. It is stored in the kidneys and adrenals as well as in the abdomen (Hara) It can be explained as the battery of the body. Jing represents a person's potential and genetics. When you become adrenally exhausted you are wearing down the internal battery which leads to fatigue and ill health.

Shen (Heart/Spirit)

SHEN is our spirit, the energy of the Heart, Emotions and Conscious Mind. Within the individual, Shen is manifested in personality, thought, sensory perception, and the awareness of self. It is connected to passion and what gives life meaning. When this energy is off balance it can lead to depression and emotion/mental issues.

Eastern Medicine believes that all illness or disharmony is related to an imbalance in one or more aspects of energy. The goal is to seek out the root cause of a particular symptom and release it. To move and balance energy and work on core issues to facilitate deep healing. The body/mind needs loving support and guidance to get it back to a state of balance and homeostasis. Transformational Healing techniques such as shiatsu, acupuncture, craniosacral and energy balancing can assist you in this process.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Healing the Loss of Love

The Chinese Character Shen (Heart/Spirit)
Holistic healing involves a sense of being whole and feeling well and at ease not only physically but emotional, mentally and spiritually as well. One area of disharmony and imbalance that I see a lot in my practice is a struggle to fully heal from the loss of love. This pattern may have begun in childhood with a disconnection from love of a parent, relative or close friend or may have developed after a breakup from a romantic love. As human beings we naturally strive to be understood and loved. When a separation from love happens the pain, misunderstandings and unresolved issues remain trapped within the body and mind right down to the cellular memory. Unresolved feelings and issues can carry over into your present day relationships and that's why many people continue to react to relationships based upon experiences that have taken place in the past. Stuck emotions held within the body can lead to depression and ill health and create a presence that may prevent you from attracting the healthy and loving relationships that you desire. 
Genesha (Yogic symbol for overcoming obstacles in life)
 Resolving past issues, confronting, releasing and working through emotions such as grief, sadness, anger, heartache, rejection, abandonment and betrayal can allow you to heal. The goal is to increase  your awareness, unwind and release cellular memory and the entrenched patterns of stress being held in the body. This process is a clearing for attracting a life of peace and creating loving relationships.
Part of this healing process involves digesting and eliminating the emotions and losses in a positive way that will enable you to heal your heart and cultivate inner beauty. 
 From an Eastern standpoint this involves balancing the energy of the heart, (Emotion) Stomach and Spleen (Digesting & transforming loss so you can experience satisfaction) and Large Intestine. (Letting go of what no longer serves your higher good) Guided meditation can support you on this journey as well as consciously connecting to your breath. (The source of life) Both help to release stress, ease the nervous system, release cellular memory and connect to your core truth. This is assisted further through energetic and bodywork techniques that increase awareness and release held tensions within the body/mind. Learning to embrace feelings or sensations that arise and noticing where the feelings are located within the body assists in releasing them. You cannot release anything that you do not first acknowledge. Breathing softly and deeply centers awareness within the middle of emotion and will activate the healing intelligence that resides within. This will enable you to develop the kind of presence that will draw healthier and more loving relationships into your life as well as assist you on your journey into health and balance.