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Monday, October 24, 2011

Transformation, Healing and Resistance

Genesha: Overcoming Resistance and Life Obstacles
Resistance is a common human response to the process of change. It almost always shows up as a response to something that is forced. You may find yourself in resistance to many different aspects of your life including your lifestyle, relationships, environment and your reaction to work, the opinions and actions of others, exercise, food and health. This includes your own response to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues and may affect your ability to heal. It is often an unconscious response that the mind uses to protect itself from a shift in consciousness that may be perceived as threatening.

Resistance is a contractive form of energy that may show up as anxiety, depression, disease, fatigue, lack of motivation, blame, procrastination, excuses, forgetfulness, confusion, being confrontational and argumentative. What you resist continues to persist. With awareness you can learn how to use resistance as a tool to find inner balance and peace. The key to transformation and healing is to surrender to resistance. If you can anticipate, honor and do the work to rise above resistance, it is an opportunity for your energy to expand and your consciousness to shift. You begin to be open to new possibilities. Expansive energy is happy, hopeful motivated, harmonious and grounded. As you become more aware you begin to catch yourself in your resistance and have the ability to choose a new behavior around it.

One of the most common reasons for resistance is fear. This includes the fear of loss, fear of change, fear of the unknown. Trust is a key component to overcoming resistance as trust helps to overcome fear. From a health standpoint, many people unconsciously identify their illness with who they are. They are unconsciously afraid of what life would be like if they actually felt good. Others are afraid of the illness itself and do not trust that the wisdom of the body has the ability to heal. This causes internal resistance that may impede the healing process. The rational mind makes up reasons for resistance and avoiding change, which supports denial. You cannot transform anything that you do not acknowledge.  Denial and resistance sets you up for an entrenched pattern of imbalance that may lead to disease.  The payoff of being in resistance is that you do not have to take responsibility for yourself, your actions, your life, or your health.

What is most interesting is that when resistance is at its strongest it is also the best catalyst for transformation. It is the last barrier to break through before permanent behavior change takes place. The greater the resistance to an issue is, the more profound the transformation around it can be. Each individual’s lifestyle, belief system and conditioning will determine how threatening a change will be perceived and the amount of resistance is in direct proportion to that perception.

Reality Shift / Letting go of Resistance
When resistance is released it makes energetic space for a reality shift, which can happen due to a new experience that has the potential to radically change a learned belief system. It can also happen around healing when one has the conviction to release resistance concerning an illness. If you can embrace and love whatever is going on in your body as a divine part of yourself and not treat it as an enemy that you must wage war against, you have a much better chance of finding peace with it. Disease is a message from the body that something has gone awry and needs not only medical attention but also loving care. Finding inner peace is a big aspect of healing. Identifying and letting go of those thoughts, actions and things that you resist will assist you in developing a new relationship with yourself, your body, your personal truth, and the spirit that you hold within.

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