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I have an art degree from Rhode Island school of Design. My visual arts background has expanded into the healing and transformational arts. I am a life/spiritual coach and wellness consultant. I have walked the shaman's path. I practice and teach Eastern and Energy Medicine, Shiatsu, Massage and Yoga. It is my experience that the power of touch and movement can access ones heart, soul, inner truth, unique expression and creativity which is a vehicle to living a joyful and fulfilling life. My blog will include my poetry, photographs, art, insights, experiences and suggestions for living a life that you love! If you are new to this site, please review my older submissions as well as the new ones for they all contain information and concepts that I wish to share and keep alive.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The New Year & the Restorative Energy of Winter

Let the New Year and the restorative energy of winter provide you with an opportunity to renew. Be present to the energy of the season: contemplation, rest, tranquility and peace. Let go of the surface stress and look within and embrace your personal wisdom. Honor yourself by realizing how you have grown and acknowledge what you have learned in the past year. Consciously release anything that does not serve your highest good. Let go of anything that weighs you down or follows you around and interferes with you living fully and designing a life you love so you can start fresh in 2012.

This can be done in a number of ways. You can write down what you wish to let go of and burn, bury or rip up and throw it away metaphorically releasing it. It can be done with affirmations, intentions and prayers. Having a conversation with friends, supporting one another in the process and vowing to hold each other accountable for creating what you desire. Life is a continuous flow of new beginnings and endings. Every day and each year is a new opportunity to celebrate life. A time to start fresh, create anew and to manifest the next year of your life.

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